July 20, 2024

New Solana Memecoin Pepe Fork to Explode 14,000% Within 48 Hours – Should You Buy?

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Pepe Fork (PORK), a new Solana memecoin that was launched today, is poised to explode over 14,000% in price in the coming days. Currently, Pepe Fork can only be purchased via Solana decentralized exchanges, like Jupiter and Raydium, and early investors stand to make huge returns in the coming days. Early investors in SHIB and DOGE made astronomical returns, and Pepe Fork could become the next viral memecoin. In fact, many early Shiba Inu and Dogecoin investors have been pouring funds into this new Solana memecoin. Pepe Fork launched with over $3,000 of locked liquidity, giving it a unique advantage

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